Pleiades WebCenter no longer Host our clients’ sites…

Hosting ServerHowever we are happy to recommend Hosting solutions to our clients based on their site requirements.

For clients with high value WordPress sites, for whom security, scalability and performance are critical, we recommend hosting by WP Engine. Their architecture is hand-tuned to deliver reliability and speed. We started moving our clients to WP Engine when we realized that with their expert 7/24/365 WordPress support, WP Engine could take better care of them then we could ourselves. We research our venders carefully, monitor feedback from our customers, and select only the best.

We also recommend Bluehost for clients looking for full functionality on a small budget. It boasts quality customer service, guaranteed maximum up time and one of the lowest prices for website hosting online. Rather than paying a monthly fee for each website you create, users can host an unlimited number of websites with unlimited storage for one monthly fee.

Disclosure: Pleiades WebCenter is an affiliate for both WP Engine and BlueHost. We can confidently recommend them because we use them ourselves and are very happy with their services. The links from this site to WP Engine Bluehost are affiliate links, which means if you follow them and ultimately decide to host with either WP Engine or BlueHost we receive a commission. We don’t make recommendations lightly – We use both WP Engine and Bluehost for our sites and believe they offer the best WordPress hosting service available today.

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