Why Every Business Needs a Web site

Small Businesses needs an Internet Strategy in 2009 With every passing year, small- and medium-sized businesses that don’t have a Web site are losing their competitive edge. And since the Web is quickly becoming a beacon of light during a dark and dismal economic crunch, there’s a strong possibility that a Web presence could save […]

A Golden Opportunity!

Making Money With Your Website By now you’ve undoubtedly heard us touting the benefits of a Web site for small-and medium-sized businesses…but we’re not the only ones! Craig Reardon at Australia’s SmartCompany has a great article detailing the “golden opportunities” available to retailers who leverage the Web, and encouraging all enterprises to hop on board! […]

Your Author Entrepreneur Enterprise

Part 2: Develop a Clear Description of Your Author Entrepreneur Enterprise Getting Down To Business So, are you developing a publishing business that will build you a passive, residual, income stream or passionately pursuing a hobby? Lets get down to Business — YOUR BUSINESS! 1. Have you chosen a name for your business enterprise? Does […]

Ready to be an Author Entrepreneur?

Part1: Determining the market for your book Many business owners, know they need to find ways to better monetize their existing enterprises. Those of us who don’t already own a business, are thinking seriously about starting one. Multiple streams of income is one path to a more financial secure future. T. Harv Eker, Jack Canfield […]

Internet Marketing and Technology

Overcoming the “Technical Learning Curve” By Derek Gehl Here is just one example of an extremely common question that arrives in my inbox on a daily basis… “WHAT IF YOU DO NOT KNOW YOUR WAY AROUND A COMPUTER? What if that is why you are sitting with $1,000 worth of products and cannot use them […]

eMail Marketing

Why Ignoring Bouncebacks Can Ruin Your Email Success By Derek Gehl If you use email, chances are you have seen a “bounceback” message in your inbox. You get one whenever you send an email to someone and then — for whatever reason — their server rejects the message. The “bounceback” message usually contains the original […]

Online Marketing Communities

“Are free online marketing communities a waste of time?” By Derek Gehl Recently I’ve been getting lots of questions about my exclusive online marketing community, the Internet Entrepreneur Club. Some people want to know why they should bother joining my online community, as opposed to all the “free” marketing forums that are spreading all over […]

Online Catalog Sales

Six tips for making your catalog site more effective By Andrew Mallory Recently we received an email from Bob and Peggy Langevin, who asked us to take a look their site, www.familyshoppingnetwork.net. It’s a catalog site that sells a wide range of different products. As always, I’m delighted to offer a few pointers on how […]

Getting More Internet Sales

Need Some Sales Help? If you’re still struggling to turn your website visitors into paying customers, there’s a good chance your salescopy could use some “tweaking.” After all, your sales copy is the part of your site that does the “heavy lifting.” It needs to establish the problem you’re solving… carefully explain why you’re the […]

Does Your Site Need A Blog

Blogging 101 By Derek Gehl Derek These days, blogging has become a staple part of many online businesses. Yet I still get regular questions from my students and Internet Entrepreneur Club members asking, “why do I need a blog?” At first glance, a blog is really just an online journal that displays a series of […]