Hands-On WordPress Training

Purpose-Driven WordPress Training TM

Nicholas R. Batik

Pleiades WebCenter offers several levels of customized classroom-based WordPress training solutions.

These Hands-On WordPress classes are scheduled several times during the year at various facilities in the Austin Metro area, and via live webinars. We also can be retained to teach WordPress classes at your corporate training center. All of our Hands-On WordPress classes can be structured for corporations that need basic to advanced WordPress training solutions for those staff members who are responsible for establishing or maintaining an on-line presence for their firm. The Pleiades WebCenter trainers have developed on-site training packages that can be customized to your specific WordPress goals. Additionally we provide personally guided WordPress instruction delivered remotely to your corporate training center.

The Principals of Pleiades WebCenter, Nick Batik and H. Sandra Chevalier-Batik are Co-Organizers of the Austin WordPress Meetup. We serve as coordinators of the monthly Austin WordPress Meetup training sessions and are active in the Austin WordPress Google Groups Forum and monthly contributors to WPAustin.com.

Over our many years of curricula development and delivery we have developed a ‘Purpose Driven’ WordPress Training Program.

You may have noticed with most training, that instructors take you to a computer screen, then spend time detailing every option, then move to the next screen to repeat the process.

By the end of most courses you have received an explanation of every feature, option, and code. Unfortunately, that is not how most people remember. When you try to actually use this new knowledge, you have to filter through all the obscure and irrelevant information to remember where and how to do the task at hand.

 Enter Purpose-Driven Training

We analyze how people use WordPress in real life – the steps they take to create a site, and how they expand and develop it. We then translate that process into step-by-step training. That means with our Purpose-Driven Training program, how you learn WordPress is exactly how you will use WordPress. That ranks our training among the highest level of student satisfaction of any WordPress training available.