eBook Design

Pleiades Publishing Services works with our publishing clients to provide high quality design solutions for their eBook publications. We provide cover design and ePub design and formatting. Additionally we can provide  website design/development and publication sales banners and widgets through our sister company Pleiades WebCenter.

We design eBooks with a clean, easy to read style and choose the appropriate ePub approved fonts and layout to enhance your eBook’s personality. In addition to using ePub approved fonts for your publication, our designers create a consistent flow for your eBook by using high quality stock images or custom illustrations and/or photography to bring depth and visual interest to your to your document.

With over 30 years experience formatting print publications and over 15 years experience formatting and publishing electronic documents, we have the experience and the tools to produce an eBook design you can be proud of.

If you are planning on publishing online, we can design and format to any of the web standard specifications.

What type of documents do we format?

We format ebooks, print books, electronic publications, eMail newletters and training materials.

What is normally included in our eBook formatting?

  • Creation of a consistent style and layout template
  • Table of contents, copyright, about the author and dedication pages
  • Correction of extra white space, mixed fonts
  • Headers and footers (text or graphical)
  • Pagination and page orientation
  • Color schemes consistent with your eBook style and personality
  • Bookmarks and hyperlinks
  • Optimize and adjust graphics or image sourcing
  • Compile your book into a PDF ready for distribution
  • Create secure PDFs to ensure no-one can copy your content (if requested)
eBook Design

Effective eBook design gives your publication instant appeal and visual impact, The best eBook design gets people to pay attention, to take action. A well designed eBook conveys that you’re a credible expert – and that your work is worth reading. Pleiades Publishing Services’ experienced designers focuses our expertise and our state of the arts publishing tools, to produce, clean, accessibly formatted text, high-impact cover art and a custom-branded ebook design that impresses your readers and makes you proud to present your work in a published format.

 Pleiades Publishing Services ebook design services include:

  • Complete ebook design fully tailored to your business brand
  • Stunning, full-color artwork to capture attention att a glance
  • Impressive cover art that reinforces your expertise, and your vision for your work
  • Beautifully designed interior pages so readers stay glued to every page
  • Edge treatments, layering and blending for depth and dimension
  • Stylized sidebars and quote sections to stress your important points
  • Interior links, a table of contents and page numbering to guide readers
  • Professional content formatting from cover to cover
  • Effective eBook ad banners to help you promote, market and sell your publications

Entrust your content to us and in as little as four weeks, you will have an ebook that is designed to sets you apart as an author-expert who cares enough about your subject matter to produce a quality publication. All you need to do is get ready to market your publishing project and get ready to make sales.

Basing eBook Pricing

25 — 100 pages, straight text, no interior images, custom cover art  $650 for publication design and formatting.

101 — 200 pages, straight text, no interior images, custom cover art  $950 for publication design and formatting.

201 — 250 pages, straight text, no interior images, custom cover art  $1,000 for publication design and formatting.

Custom illustration, charts, specialized publication design, formatting and custom cover art will be bid individually.

Pricing does not include content proofreading or editing.


50% of cost due on project initiation and balance due on project completion and acceptance .

Publishing Programs

We format ebooks in Microsoft Word and Adobe Indesign CS5. We provide the formatted source file and a PDF copy of the eBook to each client once full payment has been received.

The majority of eBooks we design are formatted in Adobe Indesign. This program is the publishing industry  standard and creates the highest quality documents. If you believe that you will need to make frequent small changes to your publication on your own, we may suggest using Microsoft Word for your publication.

Image Sourcing

Images play a big part in the success or failure of an eBook publishing project. The number and placement of images help keep a reader’s attention and reinforces the voice and viewpoint of the publication.

If you request, Pleiades will source high quality stock images for your eBook. Prices for stock images are $8-$15. If you require numerous images for your publication, please contact us for bulk pricing.

We can also use your own images and artwork in your publishing project. It is important to note however,  if you eventually intend to have your book professionally printed, all images used must be no less than 300DPI to ensure the best print quality.

Layout Options

We design many different types of eBooks, with a range of layout options.

We design eBooks with clean, easy to read style and take into consideration font types, spacing and margin settings.

EBook Content

To ensure we can design and format your eBook efficiently, all content must be supplied in FINAL format, as delays and additional fees may apply.

Pleiades Publishing Services respects your privacy and treats Intellectual property (IP) rights seriously.

All documents entrusted to our care are treated as private an confidential.

Pleiades Publishing Services will never share your eBook content with a third party.


At the time of ordering, we will advise you of our estimated turnaround time for your project.

Generally, for a 50-page eBook we provide a draft within 3-4 business days.

Depending on the  timely revisions from clients, the majority of our eBooks are completed within 5-7 business days. (with timely revisions from clients)

We also offer a rush service for an additional fee.

Pleiades Publishing Services works primarily with clients who run small to medium sized businesses, home based business owners and individuals. Like our clients, we take our business seriously.We are passionate about information design and providing professional ePublishing services to our ever growing client base.

We are proud that most of our business come from repeat customers.

We provide a range of services to support our client’s eBook marketing campaign and help authors who have never published an ebook before, by offering advice and suggestions on the many ways to successfully promote their product.

Why do our clients keep coming back?

  • We are friendly, professional and passionate about creating unique and vibrant designs.
  • We are a full service design studio.
  • We have 30 years experience in the design industry.
  • We are highly skilled in the design and publication programs we utilize every day.
  • We provide exceptional customer service and go the extra mile with helping our clients.
  • We work with each author to understand the vision for their ebook.
  • We provide advice on the best way to bring their ebook to life.