Building Websites

That Make You Money™

We  have been building websites that make our clients money since 1994. To deal exclusively with the web development demands of our client base, Pleiades Publishing Services spun off Pleiades Web Center, a wholly owned subsidiary, in 2008.  Pleiades Web Center develops client managed websites exclusively with WordPress using the Genesis framework. Additionally, we provide , custom theme development, WordPress consulting and  training.  We specializes in developing websites that are in alignment with our clients business strategies, using  targeted content development, innovate design solutions based on custom theme development and practical applications that supports our client’s success.

Custom WordPress Theme Development

The Pleiades Web Center specializes in designing and implementing custom WordPress themes. When not limited to default or standard theme layouts you, or your designer, can fully implement your highest and best vision for your WordPress site. We can make your website look and feel exactly the way you want. A custom WordPress theme will not only give your website a unique look that reinforces your message; but also create a visual impact that complements the fundamental messaging of your site. Custom themes help you seamlessly integrate your style and market branding into your WordPress site.

Designer White-Label  Custom WordPress Theme Service

Designers, you may love creating beautiful websites, but do you really want to deal with technical aspects of php coding? Pleiades Web Center offers a Designer White Label Photoshop PSD to WordPress Theme Development Service. As the designer you provide your customer-approved Photoshop PSD, and Pleiades Web Center will produce a custom theme  built to your exact specifications using WordPress and the Genesis framework. We take the stress out of the technical aspects of custom theme design. Our Designer White Label program is like having access to an in-house web developer who delivers high-end custom-themed WordPress sites, built to the latest coding standards. The White Label Custom WordPress Theme program lets you focus on what you love to do, and offers your design clients the maximum flexibility in their custom theme design options.

WordPress Consulting

WordPress Made Simple TM — Actionable strategies to take your on-line business to the next level.

Whether you are trying to launch a new business venture or expand an existing one, one of the hardest things to do is translate those “good ideas” into actual operation. For some, the issue is finding and testing the business model, for others, it is choosing a marketing and sales approach, for still others the problem is determining if it is possible to add a desired set of features and functionality to their business web site. At Pleiades, our business and technical experts can guide you through this process and help you find the best solution for you and your business. Your ideas are protected with our Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure Agreements so you will always feel safe in open and candid discussions. Pleiades WebCenter Consultants help you plan and develop WordPress sites tailored to your organization’s specific business purpose and strategic plan. As your developmental partners, we listen carefully to jointly establish the web site requirements.

Web Development

Pleiades Web Center approaches  the design your website as the digital representation of your business plan. Your site indicates how you perceive yourself, your business, and what impression you want your target market to have about you, your company, products, and services. Pleiades Web Center works exclusively with WordPress, the free, open source, dynamic content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. Clients who have mastered creating and editing copy using a word processing program, can add or update content in a WordPress site easily, giving them the independence to maintain their own site, and still have time to focus on their core business.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is more that flexible grids and media queries. For the first time in human history, the design does not know the size of his or her canvas. It can range from tiny handhelds to giant monitors, and everything in between. To design in this uncertain environment requires a whole new philosophy combined with some back-to-basics.

Site-Based  WordPress Video Training

Pleiades Web Center has a developer’s site license for the WP 101 plugin. This agreement with WP101 allows us to install these professionally-produced, continuously updated, WordPress training videos directly in the dashboard of every custom Genesis theme and WordPress website we develop. These excellent training videos help the website owner access the full power of the WordPress user interface.

Hands-On WordPress Training

Pleiades Web Center offers several levels of customized classroom-based WordPress training solutions. These classes are scheduled at our CoSpace Training Facility several times during the year. We also can be retained to teach private WordPress classes at your corporate training center.