Build Your Social Media Presence

…and  Your SEO — At The Same Time! Social media strategies are definitely the hottest thing going right now in the Internet marketing world — partly because many people are spending a lot of their spare time “socializing” online, and partly because many online (and offline!) businesses are seeing positive results from reaching out to […]

Using the Web to Promote Your Businesses:

Claim Your Google Maps Listing NOW From The Folks at Internet Marketing Tips… Have you claimed your listing in Google Maps and made sure the information it displays is accurate? If not, you need to do it NOW — even if you don’t have a website yet. This step is vital. Local Search — including […]

Your Online Business Tune-Up

No matter how great your product is, or how great your website looks, your online business will be left spinning its wheels unless the search engines know you exist… and your potential customers can find you in the search engines!

What Makes a Successful (Profitable) Web site?

Your website is not just an on-line brochure. Savvy internet searchers are looking for content-rich, professionally developed sites that offer them solutions to their business issues. On-line clients want useful, well organized, readily accessible information about your product or service…and they don’t want to spend a long time finding it.

Latent Semantic Indexing

SEO: What’s the deal with “Latent Semantic Indexing”? By Nicole Ephgrave Recently a reader named David wrote in to ask us what we thought about “latent semantic indexing,” and how important it is for effective search engine optimization. What is “latent semantic indexing,” you ask? Here’s what Wikipedia has to say on the subject: “Latent […]

Sub-domains vs. sub-directories

Which are better for building link popularity? By Nicole Ephgrave Do you want the search engines to LOVE you? Then you’ve got to become an online “authority figure” in your industry. The best way to do that is to build a large website filled with lots of content-rich pages your audience will want to link […]

What Google Wants

A site Google will NEVER add to its listings By Mitch Tarr A reader named Jack recently wrote us to ask the following: Currently, I am an affiliate for a large network company which provides websites for its affiliates. However, the URL required to reach the website is too long and cumbersome. Accordingly, I use […]

Does Your Site Need A Blog

Blogging 101 By Derek Gehl Derek These days, blogging has become a staple part of many online businesses. Yet I still get regular questions from my students and Internet Entrepreneur Club members asking, “why do I need a blog?” At first glance, a blog is really just an online journal that displays a series of […]

Out Sourced or DIY SEO

Four “must-know” tips to help you choose the right SEO firm By Derek Gehl One of my readers, Richard, recently wrote to ask me for some advice on choosing a company to take over his search engine optimization efforts. Now, search engine optimization is something you can easily do yourself — and when you’re first […]

What Is Your Phone Number

How can your phone number increase your sales? By Derek Gehl I write today inspired by a frustrating online shopping experience that seems to happen all too frequently these days. Yesterday morning, I went online to look for software that performs a very specific function. After about an hour of searching, I found sites offering […]