Opt-IN eMail Readership Is High

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Did you know… According to a new survey from Merkle, eMail marketing continues to be a strong and effective way to communicate with site visitors and customers in today’s challenging economic climate. The survey found that 59% of all eMail users spent twenty minutes or more with opt-in e-mails every week, and just over one-quarter […]

Opt-In eMarketing

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Overview of Opt-In eMarketing eMail marketing is one of the most effective ways to keep in touch with customers. It is generally cost-effective, and if done properly, can help build brand awareness and loyalty. At a typical cost of only a few cents per message, it’s a bargain compared to traditional direct mail at $1 […]

Does Your Site Have an Opt-In List?

How big is YOUR opt-in list? 1,000s of subscribers? 100s? None? If you’re not successfully growing an opt-in list of people who are likely to buy from you, then you need to get started right away. It’s the key to successful online marketing! See, here’s the thing: most of your visitors to your site are […]