Structuring Successful Publishing Projects

Part 4: Authors produce compelling publishing projects — Entrepreneurs market, successfully distribute publishing projects — at a profit If you don’t actively promote and sell your work, you have a hobby, not a business enterprise. Author Entrepreneurs, like Joe Vitale and Jack Canfield, certainly write about those topics for which they have a passion. They […]

Building An Author-Entrepreneur Enterprise

Part 3: How to Choose A Profitable Publishing Project Start With Questions, amd Honest Answers What about your publication will make a customer pick it out from a web site, or from a bookshelf? What is that special something that makes your publishing project unique in your chosen market? If your publication is not distinctive, […]

Your Author Entrepreneur Enterprise

Part 2: Develop a Clear Description of Your Author Entrepreneur Enterprise Getting Down To Business So, are you developing a publishing business that will build you a passive, residual, income stream or passionately pursuing a hobby? Lets get down to Business — YOUR BUSINESS! 1. Have you chosen a name for your business enterprise? Does […]

Ready to be an Author Entrepreneur?

Part1: Determining the market for your book Many business owners, know they need to find ways to better monetize their existing enterprises. Those of us who don’t already own a business, are thinking seriously about starting one. Multiple streams of income is one path to a more financial secure future. T. Harv Eker, Jack Canfield […]

Getting Published

YouPublish is Mark Victor Hansen’s Latest Publishing Innovation Last night’s Peak Potentials Ambassador program teleconference was lead by Manny Goldman. It was OUTSTANDING! At the beginning of the call he mentioned that all the suggestions he intended to discuss would be applicable to any business venture. Manny referred listeners to several social networking sites as […]

Why Viral eBooks Fail

Your Viral eBook Campaign There are two key “pieces” missing from nearly all viral eBook campaigns… and if YOUR eBook is missing either of these, you’ll be settling for a fraction of the results you could be getting! Here’s the problem: Most marketers who write viral eBooks format these as text files, Microsoft Word documents, […]

7 Topics For a Killer Viral eBook

Information — in the form of eBooks — is THE best thing to sell when you are starting an Internet business After all, when you sell an eBook you can make countless duplications of it at NO additional cost. Your manufacturing, stocking, packaging AND delivery costs are non-existent. That means your profit margin is 100%! […]

Why Viral eBooks Work

If you’re currently running a business — whether it’s online, offline, or both you’re definitely aware of the costs of letting potential customers know about your business. Maybe you simply purchase advertising space in the Yellow Pages every year. Or maybe you print flyers to distribute, or take out ads in newspapers or magazines that […]